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Getting Started

The mobile transaction bridge needs to be enabled and configured for a new space.

Enable Mobile Transaction Bridge

Following are the required configuration steps:

  1. Initialize the mobile transaction bridge application - the routes (URLs) for accessing the recorder and the required services are being configured in the space which mobile services has been subscribed from.

  2. Add SAP GUI for HTML back-end system definitions for design time - the recorder needs at least one back-end system where the WebguiConnector interface has been enabled.

Steps to Enable Mobile Transaction Bridge

  1. In SAP mobile service cockpit, select Settings > mobile transaction bridge

  2. Select Initialize button in the top right corner

  3. Once initialization has finished, the cockpit displays the URL to access the mobile transaction bridge recorder. However, before accessing the recorder, proceed to step 4 and configure at least one back-end system

  4. To add SAP GUI for HTML back-end systems for the design time, choose Back-end Systems and select add button in the top right corner

  5. Create the entry for the Back-end System with the following data:

    • Name: name of the back-end system

    • URL: address of the SAP GUI for HTML system in the form https://<ADDRESS>:<PORT>/sap/bc/gui/sap/its/webgui


    The mobile transaction bridge can't be used while SAP Screen Personas is enabled.
    If it is enabled by default, please add the following URL parameter when creating the back-end system. This will disable SAP Screen Personas when using the recorder:


    Read more about disabling SAP Screen Personas in SAP NOTE 2150055.

  6. In case more than one back-end system has been added, the primary system to be loaded upon starting the recorder can be set by selecting Make default in the list of back-end systems.

Configure Access Roles

The access of mobile transaction bridge Recorder is protected by SAP Business Technology Platform roles.

The mobile transaction bridge offers two SAP Business Technology Platform roles used to control the access for the recorder:

  • TransactionBridgeAdmin: Allows you to create new apps as well as display, edit and publish all apps. In addition, you can import and export recordings.

  • TransactionBridgeUser: Allows to create new apps as well as to display, edit and publish own apps.

In order to access the recorder the user must have one of those roles assigned.

Following are the required configuration steps:

  1. Add the required role to a new or existing role collection. Read about adding roles to role collections

  2. Assign users the correct role collection. Read more about assigning role collections

Steps to Add Required Roles

  1. In SAP Business Technology Platform cockpit, select Security > Role Collections

  2. Either select an existing role collection or create a new one by selecting the New Role Collection button

  3. Select the Add Role button

  4. Select the correct Application Identifier:

  5. The identifier has the format com-sap-mobile-mtb-<SPACE-NAME>-<SUFFIX>

  6. Select the appropriate Role Template and Role you want to add to the role collection (either TransactionBridgeAdmin or TransactionBridgeUser)

  7. Assign the role collection to users. Read more about assigning role collections

Last update: November 18, 2021