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mobile transaction bridge provides the means to expose (parts of) SAP Transactions running in the SAP GUI for HTML as OData Services. This "bridging" technology leverages existing content and allows to:

  • Record user interaction flows in SAP Transactions (SAP GUI for HTML)

  • Expose recordings as OData services through SAP Business Technology Platform Mobiles Services

  • Consume OData services for building native UIs (with Mobile Development Kit, iOS/Android Assistant or SAPUI5)


Applications can consume mobile transaction bridge OData services outside of SAP Mobile Services, as they are hosted on Cloud Foundry.

The mobile transaction bridge distinguishes between recording (design) and run (consume) times, different actors being able to make the most out of each of them.

Design Time

Following characteristics apply here:

  • Good understanding of the SAP Transaction is required

  • The requirements for the consumer of the OData services should drive the selection and design of the user interaction flows to be recorded

  • The system for creating the recordings can be different from the system used for consumption


The consumption of the mobile transaction bridge OData services is similar with the consumption of any other OData services through the SAP Mobile Services. However, the consumption of the mobile transaction bridge OData service is not restricted to mobile applications created and managed by SAP Mobile Services.

Last update: November 18, 2021