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Restrictions and Troubleshooting

Know about the restrictions of working with the Mobile Development Kit extension for Visual Studio Code and how to troubleshoot common issues.


  • You can debug your app only in the live mode, and not in the demo mode. If you are already in the demo mode, exit it and enter the live mode again.

  • While debugging, avoid updating the local bundle file of your app with the remote bundle file from SAP Mobile Services, to prevent the local bundle file from being disabled.

    If you have already updated this file, reset or reinstall your app on the iOS or Android simulator and follow the onboarding process again.

  • If you are using Visual Studio Code version 1.0, avoid launching more than one Visual Studio Code instance while debugging.

  • When you open and activate a rule JavaScript file, the two following files are automatically generated in the root folder:

    • { MDK application root }/jsconfig.json
    • { MDK application root }/.typings/IClientAPI.d.ts

    Since these files are generated to support the ClientAPI auto-completion method, you do not need to merge them into the git repository.

Troubleshooting Known Issues in Visual Studio Code

  • If your Mobile Development Kit client is running the NativeScript CLI version 3.4.4, you cannot use the Mobile Development Kit extension for Visual Studio Code to debug your rule files. The debugger fails to use the launch configuration, and you cannot set breakpoints.


    • Launch your Mobile Development Kit app without debugging: Click Debug > Run Without Debugging. Choose Mobile Development Kit if no Mobile Development Kit launch configuration is available yet.
    • In the Debug view, click Attach on iOS.
    • Modify the value of appRoot to the NativeScript project path that corresponds to your branded Mobile Development Kit client app.
    • Start the debugger with the newly attached configuration.

    As an alternative workaround, upgrade the tns command line to a version higher than 4.1.0, (example 4.2.2).

Last update: April 14, 2021