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SAP Mobile Cards provides users with "any time from anywhere" access with the best-of-its-kind features, to the most up-to-date business data in an easily consumable, mobile-friendly format.

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What Is It

SAP Mobile Cards is an offering from SAP Mobile Services that can package key business information into containerized micro apps, allowing end users to access and interact with that information in a responsive, native manner on their mobile devices. SAP Mobile Cards also lets system administrators mobilize SAP Fiori applications so that end users can share data from a SAP Fiori launchpad on a desktop computer to a mobile device.

Why You Should Use It

In an increasingly digital world, access to information across devices is essential. SAP Mobile Cards is a low-code solution that presents beautifully styled cards to house this information on mobile devices.

If you need to quickly mobilize data across mobile platforms, SAP Mobile Cards is the solution.

How To Use It

SAP Mobile Cards has three key user stories:

  • Developer - Builds the card

    Developers can use SAP Web IDE or Business Application Studio to design and build cards for end users. Developers can implement push notifications, and custom and context-specific actions that can be performed on the cards. Click here to learn more about the features that can be built using SAP Mobile Cards.

  • Administrator - Manages the card

    Administrators use the SAP mobile service cockpit to manage the cards, to keep it consistent with the developers description. They are responsible for maintaining the life cycle of cards, such as Productive, Development, etc. and the client policies such as Passcode, Logs, etc.

  • End user on Android and iOS - Uses the card

    End users download the SAP Mobile Cards application from the App Store or Google Play store and register the application using the information provided by their respective administrators. After successful registration, users then subscribe to cards to access information on their device.


SAP Mobile Cards uses the best-of-its-kind mobile features to enhance the experience of a wallet-style app for a user:

  • Information is available on both the front and the back of each card
  • Offline support for card content
  • Ability to add or delete cards at any time
  • Auto-refresh to ensure that card data is up to date
  • In-app search, and support for iOS Spotlight search to locate card content
  • Card subscriptions to manage the information stored in the card deck on the device
  • Integrated support for native apps, such as Mail, Maps, Messages, Phone, and SMS
  • A share option to quickly share cards with other registered SAP Mobile Cards users
  • Support for push notifications, card-related reminder notifications, and geofence alerts
  • Workflow actions such as "Allow" or "Reject"

What's New

Click here to learn about the latest features and enhancements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Click here to learn about the frequently asked questions .


Install the SAP Mobile Cards client on your device, and click Try Demo to view a quick demo.


SAP provides an SAP Mobile Cards Client on Android and iOS.

Last update: November 18, 2021