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Data Protection and Privacy for SAP Mobile Cards App

Data stored in the SAP Mobile Cards app is safe and secure.

  • The data for each card in the SAP Mobile Cards app is encrypted and secured using a passcode. The administrator defines the policy setting for the passcode. If required by the administrator, the passcode can be maintained by the end user.
  • The administrator defines the access policies for the data that is retrieved from the back-end system for an SAP Mobile Cards card. This ensures that the data obtained by SAP Mobile Cards app is controlled by the administrator and is consistent with the expected access policies associated with the end user who views the data.
  • The administrator can define the refresh policy so that the data in the SAP Mobile Cards card is refreshed from the same back-end system the original data is extracted from. This ensures that data in the SAP Mobile Cards app that is viewed by the end user is refreshed and managed in a way that is consistent with the company policies.
  • Data in SAP Mobile Cards app is not passed to other external systems or made available to any third parties who do not have the required authorization.

Last update: April 14, 2021