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Root Detection

The SAP BTP SDK for Android can collect device root status, and send a report to mobile services. To leverage this feature, Compliance Policy should be enabled in the mobile services cockpit.

After the feature is enabled and correctly configured, the developer can add the DeviceSecurityService instance to the SDKInitializer.start method.

val services = mutableListOf<MobileService>()
SDKInitializer.start(this, * services.toTypedArray())


The SAP BTP SDK for Android utilizes RootBeer to get device root status. Since this library runs locally on the device and consumes very few resources, it runs a root check each time a user gets onboarded.

The compliance status for each registration will be displayed in the mobile services cockpit. Compromised status means the device is rooted, Compliant means not rooted, and Unknown means status is not reported.

Last update: June 15, 2023