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Configuring Push Notification for SAP Mobile Cards

SAP Mobile Services for SAP Mobile Cards allows back-end systems to send native notifications to devices. Application developers must enable push notification code in applications. The native push mechanism can also be used to push notifications to a subset of users.


Configure Push Notification settings based on the use-case.

Configuration for App Store Client

Choose this option when apps on the native client are the default apps published by SAP. Preconfigured push settings are used in this scenario.

Development Certificate - Select this checkbox for development and/or testing environments.

Cloud Build Service Configuration


Configure APNS push notifications for the native iOS app.

Setting Details
APNS Endpoint To configure APNS for a development and testing environment, select Sandbox; to configure APNS for a production environment, select Production.
Authentication Type Choose either Certificate or Token-Based as the authentication type.
The authentication type determines the other settings.
  • For Certificate

    Setting Details
    Certificate Upload the APNS certificate.
    Password Enter the password protecting the certificate.
    Topic (Bundle ID)
    Identify the topic bundle ID specific to the iOS application that will receive notifications. If not configured, the bundle ID is extracted from the certificate.
  • For Token-based

    Setting Details
    Topic (Bundle ID) The bundle ID specific to the iOS application that will receive notifications.
    Team ID The 10-character team ID used for developing the company's apps. This value can be obtained from the Apple developer account.
    Key ID The 10-character string provided by Apple upon the creation of a key.
    Key (P8) The authentication token signing key (.p8) file downloaded from Apple. Select Browse to navigate to the APNS key file, select the file, and click Open.


Configure Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) notifications for the native Android app.


Click here to learn more about Firebase Cloud Messaging on Android.

Setting Details
Server Key Access key obtained for the Google API project.
Sender ID The project identifier.

Last update: November 18, 2021