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Logging Step

LoggingStep initializes the logger implementation of the foundation layer based on the policy data provided by the SettingsDownloadStep or the SettingsStoreStep.

Input Parameters

Mandatory input parameters:

  • Policy – The policy data provided by SettingsDownloadStep or SettingsStoreStep.

  • Context – Specifies the android context initiating the flow such as the caller Activity. This setting has to be provided on the initial FlowContext.

Optional input parameters:

  • Builder – The ConfigurationBuilder of the logging implementation used by the foundation layer.

Using LoggingStep

  1. Initiate the step:

      LoggingStep loggingStep = new LoggingStep();
  2. Specify the execute method's FlowActionHandler parameter's "onFailure" and "onSuccess" behavior:

     flowManagerService.execute(flow, flowContext, new FlowActionHandler() {
                public void onFailure(Throwable t) {
                    //set the status, update the caller activity
                public void onSuccess(FlowContext result) {
                    //set the status, update the caller activity
                    //read the result

Behavior of LoggingStep

This step initializes the logging of the foundation layer. If the configuration builder was provided, then it is used for the initialization. Otherwise, a default configuration builder is used.

If the policy data enables the logging and its parameters are set, then the logging is initialized based on the policy data.

Last update: April 14, 2021