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Uploading and Viewing Client Logs

Configure and enable client logging and upload settings using the SAP SDK for iOS and SAP BTP cockpit.


View logs and trace information to troubleshoot app problems. Use search criteria to find the files and trace statements needed to diagnose a problem. Depending on the information that is captured, logs and traces can include entries from client logs, server logs, and application traces.


  1. Configure client log settings and upload policy in the SAP BTP cockpit:

    Log settings for an application are applied to all installed instances of an application on SAP Mobile Services. See Defining Client Log Policy for details.

    The application developer retrieves these settings at runtime to get them onto the device through the SAPcpmsSettings structure, since this does not occur automatically.

  2. The app developer configures logging and upload parameters, and the Logger and LogUploader instances.

    For detailed information, see the:

  3. View the client log using SAP BTP cockpit.

    See Viewing Event Logs for details.

    The SAP Business Technology Platform and client both generate log files. When viewing uploaded client logs in SAP BTP cockpit, you see all (SAP Business Technology Platform and client) logs.


Use filters, such as <Application ID> to narrow your search. Use Type(Client Log) filter to view only the client logs.


You can also follow the tutorials, beginning with Application logging and tracing published on SAP site tutorial to implement, view, and manage application logs.

Last update: December 16, 2020