Procedure documentationCreating a BOR Object Type in the Business Object Repository


Note Note

You only need to create a BOR object type for the archiving object if you want to enable the creation of destruction locks for this archiving object.

End of the note.


  1. Start the application Business Object Builder (transaction SWO1).

  2. Enter the following data:

    • Object Type/Interface Type

      Enter the short name of the archiving object as the object type.

      Note Note

      The name of the BOR object type and the related archiving object are to be identical.

      End of the note.
    • Object Name

      Enter a name (short name of the archiving object) for the BOR object type.

    • Name

      Enter a short name (short name of the archiving object) for the BOR object type.

    • Short Description

      Enter a description for the program (for example, Destruction Lock: BOR for Archiving Object <ARCHIVING_OBJECT>).

    • Program

      Enter a technical name for the program (for example, RP_<ARCHIVING_OBJECT>_DESTRUCTION_LOCK).

    • Application

      Enter P for Human Resources as the application.

  3. Choose Continue.

  4. Enter the values for the key fields. To do so, use the dictionary structure of the infotype table.

    Example Example

    For the standard archiving object HRPA_FMLYM, the structure PA0021 and the personnel number are used.

    End of the example.

    Note Note

    For archiving objects with multiple infotype tables in the structure definition, use the structure PA0001 and the personnel number as a dummy.

    End of the note.
  5. Save your entries.