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Process documentationeDocument Processing Using Basic Solution


The eDocument Basic solution allows you to create eDocuments based on source documents previously created in other SAP applications, such as Financial Accounting (FI) or Sales and Distribution (SD). The system makes the eDocument available for downloading and further processing by your own solutions.

Note Note

This eDocument solution variant requires the implementation of a customer-specific solution to handle the mapping of the data to the legally required XML format and the submitting of the eDocument to the tax authorities' or business partner's system.

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For more information, see SAP Note 2002415Information published on SAP site.


  • You have made the Customizing settings required in SAP ERP for the country you are implementing; For more information, refer to country-specific customizing under Country Versions.

  • You have implemented your own solution to convert the eDocument data into the required XML format and to handle the communication and the sending of the XML files to the external systems.


The processing of the eDocument when using the eDocument Basic solution is depicted in the following figure:

  1. You create the source document using an SAP application, such as in FI or in SD. Once you save the source document, the system creates an instance of the eDocument in the database.

  2. You submit the eDocument by running the Create and Submit eDocuments report (EDOC_COCKPIT transaction).

    For more information, see the application help documentation directly in the report.

  3. The system retrieves the eDocument from the database and calls the interface connector to deploy the eDocument Interface Connector ( EDOC_INTERFACE_CONNECTOR) BAdI. This BAdI contains the implementation that connects to your customer-defined solution.

  4. Your customer-defined solution retrieves the eDocument from the BAdI interface, converts it into the required XML format, and establishes the communication with the tax authorities’ or business partners’ systems to send the XML files.

  5. You can also implement your own process to update the eDocuments in the SAP database with data coming from the tax authorities’ or business partners’ systems. You do this using the COMMUNICATE_ACTION method of the eDocument instance provided in the Interface connector (EDOC_INTERFACE_CONNECTOR BAdI).