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Process documentationExternal Asset Acquisitions


An external asset acquisition is a business transaction resulting from the acquisition of an asset from a business partner (in contrast to an acquisition from in-house production). You can post the acquisition of a purchased asset in several different ways, using different application components:

  • In Asset Accounting with integration with Accounts Payable, but without reference to a purchase order

  • In Asset Accounting, without reference to a purchase order, without integration with Accounts Payable (posting to a clearing account – with or without clearing).

  • In Materials Management at goods receipt or invoice receipt


Integrated Asset Acquisition Posting

If you are also using Accounts Payable, it is recommended that you take advantage of this integration and post the asset acquisition (without reference to a purchase order) With vendor. This means that you can post the asset acquisition and the corresponding vendor payable in one transaction. Using this transaction reduces the time and energy required for data entry and the possibility of discrepancies.

Non-Integrated Asset Acquisition Posting

You can post the acquisition of a purchased asset to a clearing account rather than using integrated posting to Accounts Payable. There are two scenarios:

  • The asset acquisition comes before the receipt of the invoice. The offsetting entry is posted automatically.

    As the acquisition amount, specify the actual net amount to be capitalized. Regardless of the document type (gross/net) which you use, the system does not deduct a discount here.

  • The asset acquisition is posted after the receipt of the invoice. You posted the invoice as an open item to a clearing account, and now you need to clear this entry.

    If the clearing account used is an open item account, when you post the acquisition, you can manually clear the posting to the clearing account (vendor invoice) at the same time. The corresponding transaction allows you to select all open items, per clearing account (account type S for general ledger account) according to various criteria.

Cash Discount

For an asset acquisition posting integrated with Accounts Payable, you can specify, by your choice of document type, if the invoice should be posted gross (without deducting discount) or net (with discount deducted).

If you use a document type for net posting, the system automatically determines the cash discount to be deducted on the basis of the payment terms. The system capitalizes the invoice amount, less tax and cash discount, on the fixed asset.

See also: Graphic: Gross/Net Posting.

You can activate document splitting in new General Ledger Accounting. If you do, any difference that may occur when a payment is made (because too little or too much cash discount was deducted) is automatically capitalized on the asset. This automatic correction at the time of the payment is made only if you activated the setting for document splitting. However, you can also make these APC adjustments in the general ledger using collective processing. On the SAP Easy Access screen, choose Start of the navigation path Accounting Next navigation step Financial Accounting Next navigation step General Ledger Next navigation step Periodic Processing Next navigation step Closing Next navigation step Reclassify Next navigation step Profit and Loss Adjustment End of the navigation path.

Note Note

This transaction is only available in the menu if you did not activate document splitting.

End of the note.

When you post an asset acquisition without integration with Accounts Payable, you have to capitalize the actual APC amount (without cash discount being deducted) to the asset. In this case, the cash discount is treated only on the vendor side.

Acquisition with Value Adjustments

If you want to post assets that not only have APC, but also have value adjustments already, you can post gross acquisitions. In order to use this option, set the Gross acquisition indicator in the transaction type you use. The system then permits you to enter APC and accompanying value adjustments when you post the acquisition using the transaction under Postings -> Miscellaneous.