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When processing general maintenance task lists and task lists for technical objects, you can display, create, and assign documents on the Documents tab page.


  • You have activated the business function Simplified Management of EAM Functions 3 (LOG_EAM_SIMPLICITY_3) and the business function Enterprise Asset Management Part 6 (LOG_EAM_CI_6).

  • You have activated the additional function Document Assignment to Task List in Web Dynpro in Customizing for Plant Maintenance and Customer Service under   System Enhancements and Data Transfer   Activate Functions for Enterprise Asset Management  . You define which document types you can assign at header level and operation level in Customizing for Cross-Application Components under   Document Management   Control Data   Define Document Types  . In the task list, you can only create and assign documents if you have specified in Customizing that the assignment to objects PMPLKO (Maint. Tasklist) and/or PMPLPO (Maint. Tasklist Opr.) is allowed for the document types of those documents.

  • The software component PLMWUI must be active if you want to be able to create new documents while in the task list. In addition, the whitelist that specifies which directories can be used for document uploads must be installed on your local client. For more information, see SAP Note 1224097Information published on SAP site.


You have the following options for displaying, creating, and assigning documents in the task list:

  • You can select a document info record and go to the display view.

  • You can create new documents while in the task list.

    By choosing   Additional Functions   Attach New Document  , you can upload a document that does not yet exist in your document management system. Once you have selected and uploaded an original file in the document upload application, the system creates a new document info record and adds the document to the list on the Documents tab of the task list.

  • You can assign existing documents to the task list.

    If you select documents using the input help, the system first assigns these documents to the task list at header level. To assign certain documents at operation level, select the respective entry in the list, choose the Maintain Document Assignments pushbutton, and from the context menu of this button, choose Assign Document to Operation. Select the operations to which you want the system to assign the documents and confirm. The system removes the assignment at header level and assigns the selected documents to the operations you chose.

  • If you have assigned reference objects (pieces of equipment, functional locations, assemblies) or maintenance notifications to the task list, you can display the documents that belong to these dependent objects by choosing Show/Hide Documents of Dependent Objects.

    If you have already assigned documents to a piece of equipment, for example, you can also assign them to the task list at header level or operation level. Select the relevant documents, choose the Maintain Document Assignments pushbutton and from the context menu of this button choose Assign Document to Task List or Assign Document to Operation. The system creates additional assignments without removing the assignments to the dependent objects.

  • You can remove the assignment of documents at header level or operation level, but you cannot delete any document info records.

    • By choosing Remove Assignment to Operation from the context menu of the Maintain Document Assignments pushbutton, the system removes the assignment to the relevant operation. Once the last assignment of a document at operation level has been removed, the system assigns the document to the task list at header level.

    • If you select a document and choose Delete Document Assignment, the system removes the document assignment at header level or operation level immediately.

  • The system shows the technical name of the document's original file in the group box Original Files. If you store original files on a central document server, you can access them from the task list.

In the document info records on the Object Links tab page, you can display the related document assignments that you created in the task list. You can also edit object links at header level in the corresponding document info records.