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You can destroy data on the database by executing a destruction run for an appropriate data destruction object.

  1. Ensure the following:

    • The data destruction object is assigned to an ILM object.

    • A live policy is available for the ILM object.

    • An executable data destruction program is implemented for the data destruction object.

    • A preprocessing program is available for the data destruction object (optional).

  2. Start Data Destruction (transaction ILM_DESTRUCTION):

    1. Select the Data from the Database as the Type of Data to Be Destroyed.

    2. Enter the ILM object relevant for the data destruction object.

    3. Choose Execute.

In the destruction of data from the database, the actions you need to start (Preprocessing, Destruction, and Administration) are displayed.

Note Note

Only if a preprocessing program is available for the data destruction object, is it also available as an action.

End of the note.

In administration, you can display the status of the data destruction run:




The data destruction run was completed.


The system did not complete the data destruction run. You can reschedule the run. To do so, select the corresponding session in the context menu Reschedule. The system schedules a new data destruction run with the same variant.


The system sets this status if the canceled run is replaced with a rescheduled data destruction run and this run is successful.