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 Working with Intercompany Billing

After goods issue has taken place, you can process the delivery for billing. You can create the billing documents just like any other billing document on the Billing screen:

  • for a single billing document with the menu path Start of the navigation path Billing Next navigation step document Next navigation step Create. End of the navigation path

  • for several billing documents with the menu path Start of the navigation path Billing document Next navigation step Billing due list. End of the navigation path

The delivery may have to be processed for billing twice.

  • The delivering plant processes the delivery to create an intercompany billing document (billing document type IV ) for the selling company. This company code posts invoice entry for this billing document.

The billing document is automatically billed to the internal payer that is assigned to the sales organization. The intercompany charges that appear in the intercompany billing document represent the actual amount that the delivering plant is charging the sales organization.

  • If the selling company is selling the goods to a customer, it processes the delivery to create an invoice for this customer. The system can take the prices from the order or determine new prices. It takes the quantity to be invoiced from the delivery.

Note Note

The billing due list for the intercompany invoice is generated after the customer invoice has been created.

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