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 Posting Payments in the Cash Desk


You want to post an incoming or outgoing payment at a cash desk.


  1. Choose one of the following paths:

    • Role Start of the navigation path Cash Desk(SAP_FI_CA_PAYMENTS_AT_CASHDESK) Next navigation step Cash Desk End of the navigation path

    • SAP Menu Start of the navigation path Payments Next navigation step Cash Desk Next navigation step Cash Desk End of the navigation path

  2. In the header data area, specify the currency to be used for the payment.

  3. Switch to the tab page for the payment category for which you want to enter a payment. Specify the amount to be paid and the amount received and specify whether this is an incoming or outgoing payment.

  4. On the tab page Simple Selection , specify the selection criteria for clearing the open item, such as business partner, contract account, or document. You can display the business partner open items from the menu via Start of the navigation path Environment Next navigation step Open Items End of the navigation path . If you set the indicator Post on Account , the selection categories specified are used to post a payment on account as well as for selecting open items.

  5. Choose the pushbutton Post or Post in Dialog in the application toolbar.

    If you select Post Item Online , the manual account maintenance appears and there you can assign the payment to the open receivables manually (see Assigning Clearing Amounts and Cash Discount ).


The payment was assigned and posted. Under Summary on the tab page for entering the different payment categories, the system displays the change to be paid to the customer (if applicable).

Other Functions

You can print a receipt for each payment if required. Choose the pushbutton Receipt in the application toolbar. In the Implementation Guide for Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable under Start of the navigation path Business Transactions Next navigation step Payments Next navigation step Incoming/Outgoing Payment Processing Next navigation step Cash Desk/Cash Journal Next navigation step Maintain Specifications for Cash Desk/Cash Journal End of the navigation path , by setting the relevant indicator, you can define that the system automatically prints receipts or prints them after confirmation.

On the tab page Simple Selection , you can use the pushbutton with the quick info text Delete to delete all parameters specified.

By clicking the pushbutton Lot Management in the application toolbar, you can display a dialog box with an overview of all open lots.There are also buttons for closing individual lots or creating new ones.