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 Scheduling Payment Runs


You have entered the payment run parameters . The settings for parallelization (simultaneous runs) are particularly important.


  1. On the payment run initial screen, choose Schedule Program Run .

  2. The initial screen for scheduling the job appears. If you have already carried out a test run, the system deletes the payment data before you reschedule the run.

  3. Enter the start date and time or execute the payment run immediately.

  4. If you chose Start Immediately , the job is started. Use Refresh to monitor the status of the job.

  5. If you have maintained the corresponding variants in the parameters, the payment media is created after the payment run. You can also schedule the creation of the payment media for later from the selection screen of the payment program. Choose Start of the navigation path Environment Next navigation step Payment Media Next navigation step . End of the navigation path

For more information, see Functions for Scheduling Program Runs (451) .