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 Posting Returns Lots Manually


You have completely entered the returns lot to be posted (see Entering Returns Lots Manually) and have closed it (see Closing Returns Lots Manually).


  1. To post a returns lot, choose one of the following paths:

    • Role: Start of the navigation path Returns Processing (SAP_FI_CA_RETURNS_PROCESSING) Next navigation step Process Returns Lot End of the navigation path

    • SAP Easy Access screen: Start of the navigation path Payments Next navigation step Returns Next navigation step Returns Lot End of the navigation path

  2. Select the returns lot to be posted and choose Continue.

  3. Choose Post.

    A dialog box for scheduling the program run appears.

    To display an online log after the posting run, set the Display Online Log indicator. Use the log file density to select how comprehensive the log should be.

  4. Choose Continue and enter the required data. If you want to post immediately, set the Start Immediately indicator.

You can check the status of the lot at any time by entering the returns lot on the initial screen and choosing Enter. If any errors occurred during the posting procedure, you have to process the incorrect items in the returns lot manually (see Postprocessing Returns Lots). Error messages for the corresponding items appear on the detail screen.

If the posting transaction could not be executed because of missing entries in the header of the returns lot, an error message appears on the Clearing Account and Management tab.

The job log provides you with full details on how the posting took place, and gives the reason for any errors that occurred. To view the job log, choose Job Overview on the header screen and select the item by double-clicking.

If you post a returns lot in the background and want to view the job log, select the returns lot on the selection screen and choose Job Overview. Double-click on an item to view the job log.