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 Evaluation of Appraisals Profiles


Instead of using the search function to evaluate appraisals (see Appraisal Evaluations ), you can evalute appraisals directly from the Appraisals Where Appraisee and Appraisals Where Appraiser subprofiles. Depending on the subprofile you select, you can then evaluate all the appraisals of an appraisee or appraiser.

This means that you can easily:

  • Identify which appraisals you still have to hold or complete (if you are an appraiser)

  • Display or print out a list of all the appraisals (including all related appraisal elements) held for an employee

  • Compare the last five appraisals held for an employee to find out how this employee is developing

  • Calculate the average results awarded by an appraiser (on the basis of several appraisals)

For more information on these comparisons, and on calculating averages for appraisals, refer to Comparison of Appraisals and Average of Appraisals .

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