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Data Extraction and Data Replication with Operational Data ProvisioningLocate this document in the navigation structure


Operational data provisioning supports extraction and replication scenarios for various target applications and supports delta mechanisms in these scenarios. As well as indexing data in the SAP HANA database or in SAP BW Accelerator, operational data provisioning allows data transfer - to SAP BusinessObjects Data Services for example - with a service for extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL). To support the delta procedure, the data from a source is automatically written to a delta queue using an update process or passed to the delta queue using an extractor interface. DataSources are currently supported as providers that make the delta queue data available. The target applications (referred to as 'subscribers') retrieve the data from the delta queue and continue processing the data.

The ETL service allows the following:

  • Indexing of data for Search and Operational Analytics in the SAP HANA database or in SAP BW Accelerator

  • Replication of data in other target applications (for example, sending complex requirements to data analysis)


You have installed and set up the consumer, SAP BW Accelerator, or SAP BusinessObjects Data Services, for example.


You use delta queues to monitor data extraction and replication.

More information: Monitoring Delta Queues