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 Processing of Clarificn Cases from Prov. Premium Req. Clearing


When you clear provisional premium requests it may be the case that open items on a particular account cannot be cleared automatically. When this happens a clarification case is created.

The cause may be that a document (either the provisional premium request or the premium) contains line items that have different settlement periods, or the system could not find the clearing documents because some Customizing settings are missing.


  • To be able to remove clearing restrictions in account maintenance, you need to have defined that clearing restriction F (automatic clearing of provisional premium requests (FS-CD)) for document processing can be changed manually. You enter this setting in Customizing for Collections/Disbursements under Start of the navigation path Basic Functions Next navigation step Open Item Management Next navigation step Define Modifiable Clearing Restrictions End of the navigation path. For more information about clearing restrictions see Restrictions on the Clearing of Provisional Premium Requests.

  • You have cleared provisional premium requests, and a clarification case was created for a contract account that cannot be cleared.


To process the clarification case, on the SAP Easy Access screen choose Start of the navigation path Collections/Disbursements (FS-CD) Next navigation step Account Next navigation step Temporary Premium Receivables Next navigation step Process Clarification Cases from Clearing End of the navigation path.

In clarification case processing, the system displays the message from the last clearing process that created the clarification case.

You can process the clarification case in the following steps:

  • You can restart the clearing of provisional premium requests by choosing Execute Clearing. The system creates a log of this process.

  • You can branch to the functions for processing accounts and documents in order to correct manually the errors recorded in the clarification case log.

    • You can branch to the account balance display.

    • You can branch to account maintenance.

    • You can branch the function for making mass changes to documents.

      In the function for making mass changes to documents, you can remove the clearing restriction, which prevents the documents from being processed in account maintenance. You can then carry out the activities for clearing manually. You can clear old provisional premium requests and the down payments that were received.

  • You can set the clarification case to resubmission.

  • You can choose Complete to set the clarification manually to completed.