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 Displaying Appraisals in a List or Graphic


You can display appraisals in tabular, list, and graphic form. The Graphics tool provides you with a range of chart types that you can tailor to your needs.


  1. Perform the steps described in the procedure Evaluating Appraisals .

  2. A list of appraisals appears.

  3. Select the appraisal you want to display.

List display

Graphic display

  1. Choose .

  2. The Appraisals: List screen appears. The appraisal elements of the appraisals you have selected are compared with each other.

  3. Choose Formatting options , to:

  • Change the way in which appraisal results are presented

  • Display a legend for the appraisals

For further information on formatting options, please refer to Appraisal Evaluations .

Note Note

The system always proposes the formatting settings from the previous comparison.

End of the note.
  1. Choose .

  2. The Appraisals: Graphic Display screen appears.

  3. Click your right mouse button to call up the context menu, and to:

  • Choose a different type of chart

  • Change the settings for the type of chart

  • Print or copy the graphic

Note Note

For more information on graphic options, please refer to.

End of the note.


The system displays the appraisal in question either in list form or graphic form.