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Object documentationTalent Group (Infotype 7420)


Infotype in which the system stores the basic data for a talent group.


For example, when the talent management specialist creates a new talent group, he or she specifies a title or the duration for which talents are usually assigned to this talent group.

The system creates a record for the Talent Group infotype in the background for the talent group and stores this basic data and the ID of the talent group in the record (object type TB).


In the Talent Group infotype, the system defines the following information:

  • Title of the talent group

  • ID and document class of the talent group description

  • Standard length of the assignment of talents to the talent group in years and/or months

  • If the talent group was deleted:

    • Reason for deleting the talent group (Rejection Reason field)

    • ID of the central person of the user that deleted the talent group (Rejected By field)

  • If attachments are stored for the talent group: ID and document class of the attachment(s)