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In value assignment each data record, that is each value assignment instance, has an assessment. In the standard system you can choose from the following assessments, for example:

  • Not assessed

  • Valid without restrictions

  • Valid with restrictions

  • Invalid

  • Cannot be assessed


In Customizing for Basic Data and Tools , under Check Assessments , you define a standard assessment that is automatically assigned by the system to each value assignment you created. You can change these assessments if required.


  1. Follow the procedure Editing Value Assignments .

  2. Choose the Assessment tab page.

  3. If you want to edit the assessment of a value assignment instance other than the one displayed, select the required value assignment instance using one of the following methods:

    • Enter the sort sequence of the value assignment instance in the Sequence field and confirm your entries.

    • On the Value Assignments tab page, select the value assignment instance and choose the Assessment tab page again.

  4. Select the required assessment and save.