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 Appraisal Evaluations


This evaluation enables you to manage, search for, and evaluate all appraisals that were created using the Appraisal System in Personnel Development . You can use the powerful search function to specify various combinations of selection criteria and in this way define complex search arguments and extremely precise database searches.

In the list that is generated, you can choose from a wide range of reporting and display options (see below). If you are in Edit mode, you can also go in and edit the appraisals directly.

You use this function if you want to:

  • Determine whether an employee was appraised in a given period

  • Determine which employees in an organizational unit have been appraised, and by whom

  • Determine which appraisals were held for specific employees in a given period

  • Determine which appraisers held appraisals in a given period

  • Determine all the appraisals held by an appraiser in a given period

  • Identify persons who have achieved a specific appraisal result

  • Determine all the appraisals held within an organizational unit during the last appraisal period

  • Determine which appraisals have not yet been completed

  • Determine which appraisals were not approved

  • Re-edit appraisals that were rejected (applies only in Edit mode)

You can also evaluate objects with no appraisal. For further information, please refer to Evaluating Objects Without Appraisals .

Note Note

You can also evaluate data directly from the appraisals profiles. For further information, refer to Evaluation of Appraisals Profiles and The Appraisals Where Appraisee and Appraisals Where Appraiser Subprofiles ).

End of the note.



You can choose from the following selection criteria:

Selection criterion:

Specify the following information:

Result - the following appraisals are displayed:

Appraisal models

One or more appraisal models

Appraisals of the appraisal model in question

Period appraised

Start date, end date, both, or neither

Appraisals created for the period in question (or for part of this period)

Creation period

Start date, end date, both, or neither

Appraisals that were created during the period in question

Further selection criteria

  • One or more appraisal elements (if you specify more than one appraisal element, they are automatically linked by an AND operator)

  • An operator for every appraisal element

  • A rating for every appraisal element

Appraisals in which the appraisal elements in question were rated accordingly


One or more appraisers (different object types possible)

Appraisals created by the appraiser(s) in question


One or more appraisees or appraised objects (different object types possible)

Appraisals that were created for the objects in question

AND operator

One or more appraisers, and one or more appraisees (appraised objects)

Appraisals involving both the appraisers and the appraisees specified (in those roles)

OR operator

One or more appraisers, and one or more appraisees (appraised objects)

  • Appraisals where the appraisees in question were appraised

  • Appraisals where the appraisers in question were involved in holding the appraisal

With no appraisal and Display existing flags

See Evaluation of Objects Without Appraisals


Appraisal status

Select one or more flags

Appraisals with the status(es) in question

Individual and overall appraisals and Subappraisals flags.

Select one flag, or both flags

Appraisals that correspond to the flag(s) selected





Name of appraiser


Name of appraisee(s)


Status of the appraisal


Name of the appraisal

Appraisal type

Appraisal type

Start date

Start date of period appraised

End date

End date of period appraised


Object type of appraiser


Object type of appraisee






Appraisal type

Start date

End date

Julia Schwartz

Robert Michel


Performance review for Michel (1998)

Individual appraisal



Julia Schwartz

Ruth Lang

In process

Performance review for Lang (1998)

Individual appraisal