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 Example: Value Assignment Types


In the Specification Workbench, you can enter substance data in the property tree using value assignment types. If you require a large number of value assignment types, you can sort them into groups and arrange them together under a common node, for example, under Physical-Chemical Properties .

Value assignment category

Example of Node

Examples of Value Assignment Types


Physical/chemical properties

Density, color, acid number, and so on


First aid

First aid: eye, first aid: skin, and so on



Acute oral toxicity, acute dermal toxicity, and so on


Exact chemical composition, composition according to TSCA, and so on


Substances to be monitored at the workplace, products of decomposition when heated, and so on

In the SAP component Industrial Hygiene and Safety, you can enter the following data using value assignment types, for example:

  • Industrial hygiene and safety data

  • Additional information for incident/accident log

  • Additional information about person affected