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  Scheduling the Import of Customer and Object Master Data


You use this function to schedule a job for the automatic import of external customer or object master data from a file into the system. The system executes the job in the background.

The system performs plausibility checks during the data import. If the system finds a data record to be incorrect, it sets an indicator. You can configure in Customizing whether the system is to read in data records that it has identified as incorrect.

Every line of a file contains the SB indicator for data records that are still to be processed. After reading in the data record, the system changes the indicator from SB to SV (data records processed).

If the wholesaler mentioned in the file is invalid (not available in the system or the relevant validity period has expired), the system does not import the relevant detail records.

You can set an error rate in Customizing. If the share of data records identified as incorrect exceeds the defined rate during the data transfer, the system opens a dialog window. You can decide whether the system shall read in this data.

When the system has imported all the data, you have to delete the original file manually. The system outputs a log stating all actions and errors during the procedure. If you set the Display Only Incorrect Data Records indicator, the system suppresses the log entries of the data records that were transferred without errors.


  1. From the SAP Easy Access screen, choose:

    Start of the navigation path Logistics Next navigation step Sales and Distribution Next navigation step Pendulum List Indirect Sales Next navigation step Conversion Data Next navigation step Automatic Entry Next navigation step Schedule Import Master Data End of the navigation path .

    The Schedule Job Import Master Data for Customers screen appears.

  2. Enter the necessary data.

  3. Save your entries.

  4. Choose Execute .


The system confirms the scheduling of the job including date and time.

The system executes the job in the background at the specified time and automatically generates lists.