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 Import of Business Partner Duplicates


You can use this function to import delivered business partner duplicates from operational systems to Collections/Disbursements (FS-CD).

You can import business partner duplicates manually, or as a mass activity with the RFC-ready interface FKK_BPCL_IMPORT (Import Business Partner Duplicates).


After importing the duplicates, you can execute the following functions:


To import business partner duplicates, choose Start of the navigation path Collections/Disbursements Next navigation step Master Data Next navigation step Business Transactions Next navigation step Duplicate Processing Next navigation step Import Business Partner Duplicates End of the navigation path in the SAP Easy Access menu.

The system displays the Import Business Partner Duplicates screen (for the report RFKK_BPCL_IMPORT (Import Business Partner Duplicates)).

Enter the number of the source business partner to be replaced and the number of the new target business partner.

If you want to reverse a business partner duplicate and the associated processing activities (because you have determined that the business partner pair in the operational system is not a duplicate, for example), set the Reversal flag. For business partner duplicates delivered as reversals, the system automatically generates a clarification case, which you must process manually with the Process Clarification Cases from Duplicate Processing function.