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With this function you can assign combinations of ratings and validity areas to the header data of a specification. These combinations serve as a supplement to the authorization group, so that by specifying these restrictions, you can restrict the authorization for a specification more closely, for example, to certain validity areas only. You can specify a number of combinations of rating and validity area here.

A specification belongs to the authorization group ALL; the rating PUBLIC and the validity area DE were assigned as restrictions. Users with change authorization for ALL and PUBLIC/DE can edit the header data. Users with only display authorization for PUBLIC/DE can only display the header data even if they have change authorization for the authorization group ALL.

The restrictions are different from the functional significance of the usage with which you can, for example, control the output of identifiers and value assignment instances on reports.

You can set a default for the restrictions to a specification by entering a usage profile for your user or in Customizing for Basic Data and Tools under Specify Value Assignment Types for the value assignment type Specification header (ESTRH).

You assign the authorization to edit the header data of a certain combination of rating and validity area using the authorization object C_SHES_TVH ( Value assignment type field with value ESTRH).

You assign the authorization to edit the usage using the authorization object C_SHES_TDU.


Proceed as follows to assign restrictions to a specification:

Follow the procedure Editing Specifications . Choose the Restrictions tab page.

Enter a rating in the Rating field and confirm your entry.

The system marks with a checkmark the last entry you made and activates the fields for the validity area so you can make entries.

For the rating, enter a validity area in the VAreaCat and Validity area fields and confirm your entries.

You can enter several validity areas for one rating.

If you want to explicitly exclude the selected validity area from being valid, set the exclusion indicator ( Excluding ).

For selected validity areas, you can use the functions from the Edit menu.

Save your entries.

The validity area displayed on the screen is always related to the rating marked with a checkmark. Click a rating to display the validity area assigned to it.