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  How the EH&S Expert Works

The EH&S Expert is an independent Windows PC program. This program communicates via RFC with the EH&S database using a standardized BAPI interface.

The EH&S Expert is called from within EH&S. The call is passed on to the Expert server that runs on any PC. This server reads the specification data via the BAPI interface.

The input facts (IN) of the set of rules are filled with this data. Calculations are made with the facts using the rules from the set of rules and thus new data for other facts is calculated. After all the rules have been processed, the output facts (OUT) are read out and written to the specification database via the BAPI interface.

The facts and rules of the EH&S Expert are stored in a rule file. The rule file is a text file that is automatically created when rules are created using the rule editor. You can also create and edit the rule file with any text editor.

The assignment of facts and other parts of the set of rules (records, compositions, internal phrases) to the specification database elements (characteristics, value assignment types, phrase keys, and so on) is made in mapping tables . You can therefore create rules independently of the specification database initially.