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 Business Partner Duplicates


This component allows you to import business partner duplicates into the Collections/Disbursements (FS-CD) system from operational systems, and to process them with follow-up activities. For example, you can transfer the open items for a source business partner to a target business partner, or adjust open payment plan items for the source business partner.

Note that the functions for duplicate processing are only available with Support Package 9 for the SAP ECC Industry Extension Insurance 6.0 release.


Collections/Disbursements assumes that the operational system for the source business partner identified when importing the business partner duplicate does not deliver new posting data, so that the existing posting documents and associated histories can be retained and then archived after a certain period of time.


  • Collections/Disbursements does not perform merging or cleanup of the business partner duplicates (master data duplicate cleanup), but only processes the delivered information about duplicates and derives follow-up activities for the posting functions in Collections/Disbursements.

    Also take note of the following information:

    The SAP Business Partner component offers a specific data cleanup function for this component in the standard software.

    The function in the SAP Business Partner is not released for Collections/Disbursements (FS-CD).

    We recommend that you clean up the master data for the duplicates in the operational systems.

  • When processing business partner duplicates, no open items are transfer posted for deposit contracts. If deposit contracts are to be processed, the system generates a clarification case. You can transfer post the appropriate open items with Processing Insurance Objects with Balance Interest Calculation .