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 Executing EH&S Easy Expert Sets of Rules


You have loaded and possibly changed an existing set of rules or you have created a new set of rules.

You must be on the Easy Expert Edit Set of Rules screen or on the Easy Expert Display Set of Rules screen.


  1. Under Value assignments choose one of the following:

  • Create new value assignment if you want to create new value assignments or if you want to add new value assignment instances to existing value assignments.

  • Change existing val. assgmt if you want to change the instances of existing value assignments.

  1. Under Options choose which of the following you require:

  • Check the results of the EH&S Easy Expert pass before writing them to the database

Note Note

If you check the results before executing, the system displays the original values and the results of the EH&S Easy Expert pass together in a tree structure.

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  • Write the results directly to the database

  • Write the results to the database in the background

Note Note

The option of executing the EH&S Easy Expert pass as a background job allows you, for example, to execute the pass at a specific time or dependent on other jobs.

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  1. Choose Execute .

Note Note

If you execute the EH&S Easy Expert passes as background jobs, you receive a message in your SAP inbox whether the pass was successful or not.

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  • To do this, choose Start of the navigation path Office Next navigation step Inbox Next navigation step in the SAP initial screen and then choose End of the navigation path Total.

  • From the list of EH&S Easy Expert messages, you can select individual EH&S Easy Expert passes to restart them.