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 Policyholder Change


Note that the functions for policyholder change are only available with Support Package 9 for the SAP ECC Industry Extension Insurance 6.0 release.

You can use Collections/Disbursements (FS-CD) to process information about policyholder changes delivered by operational systems. In the Collections/Disbursements system, you can execute the following processing steps:

  • Adjust open payment plan items so that the debit entry takes place on the new policyholder. The date of change can also be in the past. If open items have already been produced, these are transfer posted (if required).

  • Transfer post open items to a new policyholder (optional)

  • You can use event V810 ( FS-CD: Additional Activities for Policyholder Change ) to integrate customer-specific activities within the policyholder change

The adjustment of the open payment plan items and the transfer posting of open items takes place on the due date, if no settlement period is filled (ABRZU/ABRZO fields in the table DFKKOP Items for Contract Accounting Document are empty) in the associated document.

The adjustment of open payment plan items and the transfer posting of open items takes place in the associated document, if the settlement period is filled and the lower limit for the settlement period (ABRZU field) is later than the date of change.

A customer has agreed a contract with monthly installment payments. This includes installments for the settlement period 01/03-31/03 and for the settlement period 01/04-30/04. The policyholder change takes place on 15/03 and the settlement period is defined in the document. The adjustment of open payment plan items takes place from the settlement period 01/04-30/04.

It is possible to change policyholder assignment more than once for an insurance object-business partner relationship. It is only possible to set more policyholder changes for the current policyholder. The business partner most recently set for a policyholder change is regarded as the current policyholder. You can find more information under Example for Multiple Policyholder Changes .

You can also change the validity date for a policyholder change that had already been created.

You can make the policyholder change from the SAP Easy Access menu or with the RFC-ready function module FSCD_CPH_PROCESS ( Execute Policyholder Change ). This function module allows the operational system to provide Collections/Disbursements with information that a policyholder change is to be processed.


After associated insurance object-business partner relationships have been archived or deleted, you can also delete data that is no longer required for policyholder changes. You can find more information under Deletion of Data for Policyholder Change .


  • You have adjusted the master data for the policyholder change in the operational system, and created the new policyholder and the insurance object-business partner relationship.

  • If you also want to transfer post open items to the new policyholder, you have defined the document type for the transfer posting document and the transfer posting reason in Customizing for Collections/Disbursements , under Start of the navigation path Business Transactions Next navigation step Policyholder Change Next navigation step Specifications for Posting Open Items End of the navigation path (transaction VCPH3).


To change the policyholder, choose Start of the navigation path Collections/Disbursements Next navigation step Master Data Next navigation step Business Transactions Next navigation step Perform Policyholder Change End of the navigation path in the SAP Easy Access menu.

You are now on the Perform Policyholder Change screen (transaction VCPH1 Policyholder Change ).

Enter the following selection criteria:

  • Insurance Object

  • Policyholder to be replaced ( Policyholder; Previous )

  • New policyholder ( Policyholder; Next )

  • Validity date for the policyholder change ( Date of Policyholder Change )

You can also execute the report in simulation mode and use the Transfer Open Items option to define that the open items for the policyholder are to be transfer posted to the new policyholder from the date of change.

You cannot set a policyholder change for deposit contracts. To transfer post deposit contracts, use Process Insurance Objects with Balance Interest Calculation .


The Collections/Disbursements system receives the information that business partner 4711 Adam Smith will become the new policyholder for insurance contract 7894 on 01/06/2007, replacing business partner 5461 Fred Smith as policyholder. You can use this report to set the debit entry for open payment plan items to the new policyholder, and also to make any other changes. If a debit entry is executed after the date for the policyholder change and the execution of the policyholder change, corresponding documents occur for the new policyholder Adam Smith .