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 Creating Incoming and Outgoing Payments


This component enables you use the payment program to process incoming and outgoing payments.


The payment program makes payments automatically. To do this, it:

  • Determines the open items to be paid according to the selection criteria you entered for the payment run, and according to the due date of the open items.

  • Groups the due items into payments or debit memos in line with industry-specific or customer-specific conventions.

  • Selects the payment methods and the appropriate bank

  • Posts the payment document and clears the open items

  • Provides the data for the payment media

The payment medium program creates the data media. The formats required for this are supplied by SAP.

Modern payment procedures like bank direct debit, debit memo collection, bank transfer, and check are also supported, as is payment using a payment card. You enter payment procedures and the bank details to be used per business partner either in the contract account master record or (in exceptional cases) in the open item itself. If required, open items can be paid by an alternative business partner.

By setting minimum amount limits, you can prevent very small amounts from being paid. You can also block accounts or open items from being paid and enter a temporary processing block in contract accounts.

The system logs the processing steps you carry out.