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 Insurance Object Category


Insurance object categories are used to classify and group insurance objects. Insurance object categories are used to define the selection of tab pages and fields when creating, changing and displaying an insurance object.

This means that the data relevant to an insurance object from the Broker Contract category is different to the data for an insurance object from the Claim Number category.

  • Internal insurance object categories are fixed and contained in the standard delivery. You cannot change these object categories.

  • You define external insurance object categories in the Implementation Guide and assign them to internal insurance object categories.

The standard delivery contains the following internal insurance object categories:

  • 10 – Insurance contract

  • 20 – Broker contract

  • 30 – Commission contract

  • 40 – Claim number

  • 50 – Deposit contract

These insurance object categories can not be changed.


In the IMG, assign your own insurance object categories to the insurance object categories delivered by SAP, and define default values for creation where appropriate. Choose Start of the navigation path Collections/Disbursements Next navigation step Basic Functions Next navigation step Insurance Object Next navigation step Number Ranges and Insurance Object Categories Next navigation step Configure IO Categories and Assign Number Ranges End of the navigation path .

During creation, assign one of your own defined insurance object categories to every insurance object. You can never change or delete the assignment of an insurance object to an insurance object category.