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 Processing of Clarification Cases from Duplicate Processing


If an error occurs when the system is processing business partner duplicates, or if the operational system sends the reversal of a business partner duplicate, the system automatically creates a clarification case.

You can use this function to set the status for the processing case to Complete, or to execute the activities for processing the delivered business partner duplicates again.

For delivered reversals, you can manually set the activities that are no longer to be executed to Complete, to reset them in this way.


You have informed Collections/Disbursements (FS-CD) about the business partner duplicate, using the Import Business Partner Duplicates function, and you have started processing business partner duplicates. This writes errors or reversals to the application log for the processing case.


To process clarification cases from processing of business partner duplicates in Collections/Disbursements, choose Start of the navigation path Master Data Next navigation step Business Transactions Next navigation step Process Clarification Cases from Duplicate Processing End of the navigation path from the SAP Easy Access screen for Collections/Disbursements.

You are now on the Selection Screen: Clarification of Duplicates.

You can restrict the selection of clarification cases to be processed by entering the specified selection criteria.

After selection, choose the clarification case to be processed from the worklist, and choose Clarify.

The system shows you the processing status for the business partner duplicate.

When processing the clarification case, you can choose the following steps:

  • You can display the Application Log

  • You can execute failed activities again (Execute Activities)

  • You can use Activate Status to set the status for open activities to Manually Processed.

  • You can use Complete to set the status of the processing case to "Completed"