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 Usage of Payment Advice Notes


You use payment advice notes to enter details about anticipated payments. The key generated when an advice note is created can be used as a criterion to select open items.


When entering a payment lot, you can enter a payment advice note number as a selection criterion in addition to business partner or contract account. Open items belonging to the business partner named in the advice note are selected when a payment is posted. Using the specifications in the advice note items, clearing amounts are assigned to the items selected. Difference amounts that arise when the amount of the advice item cannot be completely allocated (in other words, when the amount of the open items is smaller) are grouped into a posting on account.


A payment advice note is assigned to just one business partner. You may also assign a contract account.

In the advice note items, you enter one payment amount and one selection criterion. By specifying a selection criterion, you propose a use for the amount. Valid selection criteria include:

  • Document number

  • Reference number

  • Contract number

  • Contract account

When a payment document is posted, the system automatically determines the open items from a business partner that match the selection criterion. The system assigns the amount specified to these items.

If the amount in the advice note does not match the total of the open items, an industry-specific or customer routine decides how the amount is split up.

If the amount in the advice note is too low (underpayment), you can choose partial clearing. In the case of overpayment, the difference can be posted on account.

Note Note

To use and edit payment advice notes, you need authorization object F_KK_AVIS. It allows you to grant authorizations for the following activities:

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  • Create (01)

  • Change and use (02)

  • Display (03)

Payment advice notes with reference to several business partners

Example Example

An authority, for example, a social welfare office, pays contributions for several persons. A total amount is transferred. Information about how the amount is to be split is provided in separate correspondence.

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In Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable , you can only create payment advice notes with reference to one business partner. However, if you receive payments from a business partner with explicit details of how the amount paid is to be split over other partners/accounts/contracts, you have to create a payment advice note where the items refer to different business partners. To solve this problem:

  1. Instead of creating a payment advice note, create a separate payment lot merely for the purposes of distributing the total amount.

  2. Transfer the actual payment to a general ledger account.

  3. Using the separate payment lot, post the total amount to the opposite side of this general ledger account and distribute it to the contract accounts required.

For detailed information about the procedure, see SAP note 506230.