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You can use dependencies as an aid to entry for classifying objects. For example, you can ensure that a racing handlebar can only be selected for a racing bicycle.

Dependencies are only effective for classifying objects. They are not used for classifying classes or finding objects via classes.

Using object dependencies

Classification system function


Classifying objects


Assigning classes


Finding objects


You can assign dependencies to characteristics and characteristic values for classification. You can use the following dependency types:

Using Dependency Types

Dependency type



Characteristic, characteristic value

Selection conditions



Characteristic, characteristic value


Characteristic, characteristic value


Object dependencies can be used in classification and in variant configuration. In variant configuration, they are used to make it easier to create an order for a complex product with a large number of variants.

If both applications are in use in your company, you may find that object dependencies are used for two completely different purposes. However, it is not currently possible to separate the use of object dependencies in classification from their use in variant configuration.

The object dependencies assigned to characteristics or characteristic values apply in both classification and variant configuration functions. For this reason, we recommend that you create dependencies as general rules that apply to both classification and variant configuration.

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