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 Clarifying Confirmed Payments


During the transfer of the confirmation file, the transfer program RFKK_CVSPAY_CONFIRM creates exceptions for inconsistent payment data and places these in a clarification list.


  1. To process the clarification cases created, in the SAP menu choose Start of the navigation path Payments Next navigation step External Payment Collectors Next navigation step Clarification of Payments Transferred End of the navigation path .

  2. Enter the parameters according to which you want to select clarification cases for processing, and then choose Execute .

    Note that the system filters the clarification cases based on the status during the selection depending on the user mode (for example, administrator). This means that cases that have already been clarified or that are locked by other users are not displayed in all modes.

The clarification cases selected are output in an ALV list that you can process with the standard functions of the ALV Grid Control .

  • To display details for a clarification case, select the case in the list and in the menu, choose Start of the navigation path Edit Next navigation step Detail Info End of the navigation path or double-click on the case. The detail view shows the details from the confirmation file that have led to the creation of the clarification case. The data confirmed by the external payment collector appears in the area Confirmation Data , and the data from the advance information (real time file) that is to be confirmed appears in the area Unconfirmed Payment Form Data .

  • To set a payment in the clarification list as confirmed, select the case required in the list and then choose Set to Completed in the application toolbar.

    This function is only available in administrator mode. When you set a payment to completed, you can no longer change it.

  • Start of the navigation path To process a clarification case, select the case in the list and in the menu, choose Edit Next navigation step Clarify. On the following screen, you can use the functions specified in the table for processing. If there are several payments for the payment form number selected, these are offered in a list for selection. You can display a payment by double-clicking on it. End of the navigation path

    You want to


    Confirm a payment

    1. Enter the correct data in the area Corrected Data .

    2. Confirm the entry with the button Confirm Payment .

      The system carries out the following steps:

    3. Sets the status of the data reported in advance to Confirmed (from 01 to 02)

    4. Calculates the stamp tax due on the payment amount and, if necessary, sets the relevant indicator

    5. Sets the date of confirmation (information from the confirmation file)

    6. Assigns a document number for the payment document posted

    7. Sets the clearing reason for the document cleared by the payment.

    8. Posts the payment received

    Assign unconfirmed data to a payment form number

    1. Choose the button Find Payment .

    2. Enter your selection criteria and choose Continue .

    3. Place the cursor on the payment required in the list and choose Transfer .

    4. Save your entries.

    Indicate a reported payment confirmation as Invalid

    In the area Status/Lock Information , in the field Last Processing Status , select the value Invalid and save your entry.