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  Insurance Object and Insurance Object-Partner Relationship


The insurance object belongs to the master data, and is one of the central structures in the Collections/Disbursements system, alongside the business partner and the contract account. The main significance of the insurance object, namely its role in making settlements, is attained when you assign one or more business partner(s) to an insurance object and the unique link to a contract account.


In the master data for the insurance object, define the relevant parameters for the management and settlements of insurance, broker, commission and deposit contracts, as well as claim cases (see Usage of Insurance Object Partner Relationships ).


Insurance objects can be grouped by assignment to insurance object categories , according to invoicing and processing-specific parameters.

The insurance object is identified in the system by a unique key (see Creating, Changing, Displaying Insurance Objects ).

When you create an insurance object, you assign a business partner to the insurance object key.

The following relationships exist between business partner, contract account, and insurance object:

  • A contract account is assigned to just one business partner as the account holder.

  • You can assign an additional business partner that is not the account holder to a contract account, for which an account holder is defined.

  • Multiple contract accounts can be assigned to a business partner.

  • You can assign more than one business partner to an insurance object. You can assign more than one insurance object to a business partner.

  • Just one contract account is assigned to each unique business partner/insurance object relationship (insurance relationship). You can assign more than one insurance relationship to a contract account.