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 Posting Payments and Providing Payment Data


Provided the payment method is not marked as “internal clearing,” the payment program generates a bank line item, thereby clearing the open items. If the payment method is used to create a check, or it is a payment by payment card, the bank line items are transferred to the general ledger as separate line items and are not grouped. For each process started in parallel, the system creates a reconciliation key that can be used by this payment run only. If the payment method is marked as “internal clearing,” the payment program does not generate a bank line item for clearing. Instead, each industry component must use event 0620 to create an item that clears open items. Payment method “internal clearing” should be used if the amounts due are to be debited or credited to a deposit account.When you post the clearing documents, the exchange rate differences are posted automatically. For the bank posting, the amount in local currency is given by the translation of the foreign currency amount using the current exchange rate.The data required about the payment for creating payment media is marked as payment data and stored in a separate table. You use this data for further evaluation using the payment list and it forms the basis of the payment program. You can use Events 0630 (payment) and 0640 (paid items) to add additional information to this data.To do this, provide installation-specific function modules for these events in the Implementation Guide for Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable under Start of the navigation path Program Enhancements Next navigation step Define Customer-Specific Function Modules End of the navigation path .