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Function documentationShort Profile


The short profile displays a selection of data relevant to Talent Management that can be configured for an employee.

Example Example

The short profile can contain the following information:

  • Talent data (for example, details on the employee's mobility or career goal)

  • Information on the employee's organizational assignment (for example, manager, position, organizational unit, functional area)

  • Information about for which positions the employee is intended to be a successor

End of the example.


  • The short profile for talents is available in different places in Talent Management, for example:

    • while planning, preparing, and conducting a talent review meeting

    • while searching for talents

    • while comparing talents

    • while assigning talents to talent groups

    • in the print format of the talent profile

  • While planning and preparing a talent review meeting, a short profile is available for the members of the support team and the participants of the talent review meeting.

  • You can specify which data is to be displayed for each different use of the short profile.

    To do so, in Customizing for Talent Management and Talent Development, you make the settings under Start of the navigation path Basic Settings Next navigation step Adjusting the User Interfaces Next navigation step Configurations for Data Retrieval End of the navigation path.

    For the short profile in print format, proceed as described in Talent Profile in Print Format.