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 Items Requiring Special Processing

Once items have been grouped together for payment, the system determines the balance per group and checks whether a payment method is defined in the contract account master record or in the line item. If the account has a debit balance and there is no payment method specified, the payment program skips the group, assuming that the payer is a self-payer.

The program also checks the following details and processes the line items accordingly:

  • Locks and partial payments

    If either the line items belonging to the group or the contract account via which payment is made are locked, the line items are locked for further processing. You can analyze these exceptions later using the payment list.

    The application area can use event 0610 to analyze the entire group. Depending on information and those dependencies that can be taken into account by the application area only, line items can either be partially paid or excluded from the payment process altogether.

  • Check for minimum amount

    The system checks the minimum amount you defined in Customizing for the paying company code dependent on the balance (and provided you did not enter a payment method in the open item).

  • Items that can only be cleared

    By selecting the relevant indicator in the line item, you tell the system that an item payable to a business partner is to be used only to reduce debit entries from this partner (the amount cannot therefore be paid out), or that a debit entry can be used only to reduce the amount to be paid out (that is, the amount cannot be collected). If the total of the items selected is greater than that of the items not selected, you can use event 0615 to decide whether and which items are to be used for clearing.