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Function documentationForeign Address Screen Replacement


Employees can maintain their foreign addresses using the correct country-specific format, if available. In the detail screen for the biz card Addresses, the dropdown list for the selection of the country allows maintaining foreign addresses in the relevant format. To enable the Foreign Address screen replacement, the country dropdown should be associated with the _ON_COUNTRY_SELECT_ Floorplan Manager (FPM) event.

The detail screen, which is replaced on the selection of a different country, is based on the screen replacement configuration maintained in the Application Configuration Controller (AppCC) for the country selected.

Note Note

In case the AppCC is not maintained for the particular country selected, then the default international (XX) based user interface screen, which is the default overview pattern (OVP) for the user interface building block (UIBB), is displayed to the user.

In the default shipment, the country dropdown is already associated with the _ON_COUNTRY_SELECT_ FPM event and appropriate screen configurations are also maintained in AppCC.

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The values that are included in the country dropdown list are based on the Customizing. To maintain the values you have to perform the following activities in Customizing for Employee Self-Service (WDA) under Start of the navigation path Service-Specific Settings Next navigation step Personal Information Next navigation step Personal Profile Next navigation step Customizing of Personal Profile Screens End of the navigation path:

  • Determine Countries for Foreign Address and Make Settings

  • BAdI: Specify Countries for Foreign Address Entry