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Function documentationCompliance Check in Recipe Development


You can use compliance check in Recipe Development to check whether a product complies with certain constraints. These can be, for example, legal constraints or constraints laid down by an enterprise. You can use compliance check for all substances for which a specification or recipe has been created.

In the standard Recipe Development system, you can define different types of constraints in substances, such as nutrients (quantitative), or diets, allergens, genetically modified ingredients, and religious certificate compliance (qualitative). Then you can check whether the substance, specification, or recipe complies with these constraints.

Compliance check can be run in two operating modes, as follows:


In Recipe Development, you can access compliance check from your personal object worklist within the Recipe Work Center and the Specification Work Center, as well as from the Object Navigator.

With compliance check, you have the following options:

  • Mass check

    You can select one or more substances or recipes. When you perform the check for recipes, the system can check the corresponding primary outputs or recipe composition.

  • Individual check

    You can call an individual check from the specification or from recipe application. If you start the individual check from recipe, the system checks the primary output specification of the recipe, or the recipe composition (there is a selection for data origin).