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 Planning a Recurring Appraisal


  • You must have selected a completed (and, if applicable, approved or rejected) appraisal to copy from.

  • You can only ever copy from individual or multisource appraisals.


  1. Work through the steps described in the procedure Evaluating Appraisals (in Edit mode), and select the Completed (and, if applicable, Approved or Rejected ) and Individual and overall appraisals flags.

  2. A list of appraisals appears.

  3. Select the appraisal from which you want to copy, and choose Start of the navigation path Edit Next navigation step Appraisal Next navigation step Create by copying. End of the navigation path

  4. The Prepare Appraisal - <Name of Appraisal> screen appears.

  5. If necessary, change the settings proposed by the system.

  6. Enter a create by date or period for the appraiser(s).

  7. Save the preparation of the appraisal.


You have planned and prepared an appraisal.