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 Manual Account Maintenance


If open items exist in an account on the debit (invoices) and on the credit sides (payments on account, credit memo), you can clear or partially clear these items using account maintenance.


You can only post clearing if the amounts to be cleared balance to zero, or if the balance is smaller than the assigned tolerance for small differences. You can only process open items for which no clearing restriction is indicated. Items with clearing restrictions cannot be selected. A clearing restriction only allows the clearing of the item within certain transactions. A budget billing payment for utilities can thus only be cleared during a final settlement.

Process Flow

  1. You select the items to be cleared (see Selecting Open Items ).

  2. You enter the parameters for posting the clearing document (see Parameters for Clearing Documents ).

  3. You can have the system provide you with a proposal for the clearing (see “Automatic Assignment of Open Items” in the corresponding application).

  4. You process the open items and assign them to clearing amounts (see Processing Open Items ).

  5. You post the clearing document once you have assigned all amounts as desired (see Posting Clearing ).


The clearing is always documented by a clearing document that is created during the clearing process. The selected items are cleared. Automatic postings for cash discounts, taxes, and exchange rate differences are included in the clearing document. The subsequent postings (down payments, charges) are also included in the clearing document when clearing statistical items (down payment request, statistically posted charges) (see Automatic Postings During Clearing ).