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 Role Parameters and Role Parameter Containers


Containers, the elements of which define the parameters for a role. One role parameter container belongs to each role.


During item clarification, role parameters contain the current, context-independent information that is used for role determination. These parameters therefore represent the "input" for role determination. This is the first step in defining roles.


Depending on the role determination procedure, the role parameter container can contain the following information:

Role determination using Responsibilities

Role parameters can be any table fields that are contained in the clarification table for the corresponding clarification processing (see the IMG structure Start of the navigation path Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable Next navigation step Technical Settings Next navigation step Prepare Processing of Clarification Worklist - End of the navigation path (the system displays the same screen as for maintaining role definitions)). No other fields are permitted. Since role definitions are also used by other SAP functions, the system cannot check whether your entries are correct. For example, it cannot check whether the container definition was made with reference to the DDIC application table.