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 Empties Update in Sales and Distribution (SD)


The empties update is an automated, ongoing, up-to-the-minute recording of all empties-relevant movements.


Make sure that the Empties Update Off indicator is not set in the customer master.

Note Note

If the empties update does not work even though you did not set the Empties Update Off indicator, check the settings for the billing type in Customizing.

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For more information, see Output of Empties Data in Sales and Distribution (SD) .


The system specifies a cumulative empties stock record for the account holder of an empties account, or for its standard partner roles. The system uses this data to show balances. The balances refer to defined time periods (for example, one month).

When you save billing documents (transaction Create Billing Documents), the system writes the sales from the empties movement records for the current month/period to the ten fields of the empties stock record for the corresponding account holder. For example, in the empties stock you can see the sales for the last ten months.

The new empties stock balance at the end of the month is calculated by adding the balance carryforward from the previous month and the current month’s sales. You cannot create any formulas from the calculation matrix for the fields in this table.

The account holder is one of the following standard partner roles:

  • Sold-to party

  • Ship-to party

  • Bill-to party

  • Payer

    Note Note

    The partner functions are configured for the entire ERP System.

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The data update only takes place during billing. This means there is a defined point in time at which the number of outstanding empties are documented for the account holder in question.

The issue or return of empties is concluded when the system creates a new billing document for a delivery and updates the empties stock.

When you change a billing document, for example, the system does not perform an update.

Note Note

If you make the relevant entries for the item categories in Customizing, ( Manage Item Categories for Empties ), it is possible to calculate the empties deliveries and empties returns in an empties field.

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When the empties update is active, the system automatically carries out the following activities:

  • Updating the empties movement (item data)

    The system saves the following data:

    • Account holder

    • Empties group

    • Material number

    • Stockkeeping unit (identical to the base unit of measure)

    • Values and quantities (values in empties fields V01 – V20 and quantities in empties fields Q01 – Q20, which you have defined in Customizing).

  • Creating the empties status for each billing document

  • Creating the empties stock for each month