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 Profile Matchup: Positions/Holders


For further information on using this report, see Profile Matchups .


  1. Choose Start of the navigation path Human resources Next navigation step Personnel management Next navigation step Personnel development Next navigation step Information system Next navigation step Reports Next navigation step Organizational unit Next navigation step Profile matchup: Position/Holder End of the navigation path

  2. The Match Up Positions With Holders for an Organizational Unit screen appears.

  3. Enter the object ID of an organizational unit in the Organizational Unit field, or the name of an organizational unit in the Search string field, and choose Enter .

  4. To evaluate several organizational units, choose Multiple selection .

  5. Enter the key date for your planning scenario in the Key date field.

  6. To display the training courses proposed for any qualification deficits that might arise, select the Generate training proposals flag.

  7. If you want the list to include only qualification deficits, select the Qualification deficits only flag.

  8. Choose .

  9. There are other options available for displaying the profile matchup. You can call these up as follows:

  • To display the profile matchup in a Table Control List with the ABAP List Viewer, choose .

  • To display the profile matchup using SAP Presentation Graphics, choose .


The requirements of all the positions in the organizational units specified are matched up with the qualifications of the positions’ holders.

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